About Us


What we do

Established since the year of 1994, Welford group of companies develop and market quality medical devices. Since the day of establishment, Welford has never lost sight of our mission – Identify the Different Needs in the Community and Deliver the Most Suitable Medical Devices for People. To fulfill our mission, we go the extra miles in identifying the right marketing partners and building the close relationship with them to produce and distribute the most suitable medical devices for people.  

How we market

While we commit to deliver our products in the highest quality available, we learn that the best medical products may not necessarily be the most suitable solutions to every need at all times due to its costing, quality or design. Therefore, we continuously equip our dedicated marketing team with up-to-date products knowledge and industry trends to work closely with our marketing business partners to identify and fulfill the specific needs of every markets and healthcare professionals.

How we produce

Welford recognizes and truly appreciates the benefit of the synergy generated from the co-operation amongst different but dedicated people and organization, especially in the medical manufacturing process. From research and development to every detail of manufacturing, from supply of materials to delivery of our final products, from quality control to fulfilling customers’ requirement, we have a team of experienced and dedicated people to support the whole process. Indeed, throughout years of operation, we have formed our method of sophisticated but cost-effective manufacturing process.

Where we stand

Since the beginning of our journey , Welford group of companies have faithfully worked towards fulfilling our mission. Since the year of 1999, Welford group have supplied a range of our medical disposable devices to Malaysia both public and private hospitals, healthcare practices and facilities. Today, we are proud to be one of the official suppliers for many products to Malaysia healthcare system. With a vision to serve the international community, Welford is also working closely with our distributors in many countries including Vietnam, Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Kuwait, U.A.E, Turkey and others.